MORPH is a modular and kinetic interactive installation that reaches beyond two-dimensional pixels and embodies three-dimensional information.

Demonstrating the possibilities of functional, tangible media prototypes, MORPH V1 serves as a tool for experimenting with abstract machine movement and gesture to invoke personality and encourage interaction. MORPH is a real, interactive prototype designed as a digital art installation to inspire a future of tangible, digital interaction.

Humans possess highly complex sensory systems and advanced dexterity. However, traditional approaches to interaction with digital information tend to neglect tactile stimulation in favor of the audiovisual, often with basic tactile interfaces if any.


This research project speculates on the future form and function of digital and tangible interactions between humans and digital information. MORPH V1 is composed of 155 custom touch sensitive and illuminated actuator modules connected by a flexible and expandable surface. It is the first in a series of tangible media experiments based on a fully modular and flexible framework which allows rapid expansion and experimentation with both form and function.


Custom installations of MORPH are currently available for commission. If your company or institution are interested in featuring the bleeding edge in interactive, audiovisual, kinetic experience, feel free to get in touch.


Industrial Design and Electronics: AUGMENTL
Video Production: Joshua Batty
Sound Design: Mitchell Nordine
Software Development: MindBuffer & Nicholas Perillo
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